Schwartz Contributes Chapters to Two Upcoming Theater Books

Posted on 5/13/2019 11:35:05 AM

Michael Schwartz, associate professor in the Department of Theater and Dance, has written chapters for two forthcoming theater collections, one historical and one for use in the theater and drama classroom.

The first collection is Performing the Progressive Era: Immigration, Urban Life, and Nationalism on Stage, to be published by University of Iowa Press in May 2019 and edited by Max Shulman and J. Chris Westgate. Schwartz’s chapter is called “Systematic Vaudeville and Systematic Farce: The Unlikely Team of Taylor and Schmidt,” which examines the rise of Frederick Winslow Taylor’s concept of scientific management against the backdrop of the flourishing of vaudeville and American business farces onstage.

Schwartz contributed two chapters to the collection How to Teach a Play: Essential Exercises for Popular Plays, edited by Miriam Chirico and Kelly Younger, to be published by Bloomsbury Press. For this book, Schwartz devised two exercises for teaching the plays The Brothers Menaechmus by Plautus and Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet. The book is scheduled for publication in January 2020.