Hospitality Management Students Encourage Community to Waste Less

Posted on 5/7/2019 2:35:29 PM

On Wednesday, April 24, students from the IUP Hospitality Department teamed up with Holiday Beverage of Indiana to bring awareness to “Waste Not Wednesday.” This “Brews ’n Bites” event took place at Holiday Beverage, and the community was invited to join them to share bite sized foods, made from repurposed produce from Giant Eagle of Indiana, paired with a beer sample.

Hospitality Management students at the Brews and Bites event

From left: Kevin Carnvale, Jensen Paquette, Michael Anthony, Erin Bertuzzi, Bailey Taylor

Erin Bertuzzi, Bailey Taylor, Michael Anthony, Jensen Paquette, Kevin Carnvale, and Kendall Bachman planned the event and created a menu that highlighted the donated produce as well as ingredients donated by the Allenwood, located on the ground level of Ackerman Hall at IUP.

Through this event, the students were able to educate the community and bring awareness on the ideas of wasting less food in their homes with simple tips such as using reusable grocery bags, shopping twice a week with smaller quantities, and planning meals ahead of time. They encourage individuals to use every part of ingredients that they can. For example, making breadcrumbs of stale bread is a great way to use bread you no longer want.

Through this project, these students hope to inspire individuals to think about creating a more sustainable environment through their own kitchens.