Hospitality Management Students Collaborate with IUP Library

Posted on 5/7/2019 2:14:33 PM

Over the Spring 2019 semester, students enrolled in HOSP 310 Professional Development in the Hospitality Industry collaborated with IUP library administration to determine what changes needed to be made to improve student experience.

IUP Library HOSP 310

Faculty Facilitator: Nicole Buse; Student Team Members: Kristina Gartner (Junior), Cassandra Wolf (Junior), Raven Russel (Junior), Shanice Drummond (Junior), Sheyla DeJesus (Junior)

The students developed strategies that could be implemented to enhance student engagement with the library. Some of the recommended strategies included:

  • modernization of library materials
  • change in library hours
  • floor directories allocating available resources
  • additional charging outlets

Leading this community service project and providing hospitable recommendations provided the students with professional skills to better succeed within the hospitality industry.