Hospitality Management Students Implementing Hospitality into Healthcare

Posted on 5/7/2019 2:08:24 PM

Over the Spring 2019 semester, students enrolled in HOSP 310 Professional Development in the Hospitality Industry collaborated with Indiana Regional Medical Center as a class project to develop strategies to increase hospitality in patient care.

The students developed strategies that could be implemented in healthcare operations to improve patient experience. Some of the recommended strategies included:

  • increased communication
  • staff attentiveness
  • personalized care 

At the end of this experience, both hospital administration and students gained valuable experience in improving hospitality services for patient care. The Hospitality Management Department plans to continue their relationship with the hospital in an effort to further improve patient experience in the Indiana community.

Faculty Facilitator: Nicole Buse

Student Team Members: Sydney Naughton, Brandon Manganiello, Bryan Febbo, Dana Miller, Jordan Dean, Kayla Murphy, Kylie Shea, Mike Gray, Noah Hetler, Sadie Peters