Abdul Habib Khalid Presented at TESOL 2019 International Convention and English Language Expo

Posted on 5/7/2019 6:34:53 AM

Abdul Habib Khalid, doctoral candidate of Curriculum and Instruction, presented at TESOL 2019 International Convention and English Language Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2019. His paper was titled “Fostering Quality Teacher Education in TESOL Programs Using Asynchronous Communication.”

Asynchronous communication is widely used in the modern way of education including online learning, blended learning, and distance education. In this session, the researcher addressed the findings of a qualitative study, which utilized semi-structured interview, exploring the prospects and challenges of asynchronous communication at a newly established TESOL program in an under-resourced university in Afghanistan. The study explored what international mentors and local faculties perceive as usefulness and drawbacks of asynchronous communication as well as preparation and the use of pre-recorded videos as an asynchronous communicating resources. The study had implications for faculty members and mentors by exemplifying practices that are effective and long lasting that can result in improving the quality of TESOL programs at various contexts.