Speicher Sarraf Awarded Graduate Research Grant

Posted on 5/4/2019 5:08:28 PM

Krista Speicher Sarraf, doctoral student in English Composition and Applied Linguistics, was recently awarded a Graduate Research Grant from IUP's School of Graduate Studies and Research.

The award will fund her original research project entitled, “#MeToo: Memory, Counterpublics, and Poetic World-Making on Twitter.” Using a mixed method approach involving survey and interview, this research project investigates the experiences of people who have tweeted about sexual violence, especially how such experiences mediate the individual's memory of sexual violence and mold the larger political landscape. The focus of the proposed study relates to the following research questions:

  • How does the #MeToo movement on Twitter relate to peoples' understandings of their own memories?
  • How does the #MeToo movement on Twitter relate to peoples' perceptions of social and political realities?

The #MeToo movement on Twitter, beginning in October 2017, focused worldwide attention on the issues of sexual harassment and sexual violence, with the hashtag trending in 85 different countries that month. As stories of sexual violence poured out, tweets tagged with the hashtag suggest that the movement encouraged Twitter users to re-see their memories as traumatic experiences.

Sarraf's research project will explore how Twitter interacts with people's understandings and experiences of their own memories.

Department of English