IUP Computing Account Password Changes Pending

Posted on 4/30/2019 12:41:57 PM

IUP will implement new login password change requirements beginning May 21, 2019, for IUP’s Single Sign-On (i.e., IUP computing account). There are no changes for Employee Self-Service (ESS) or SAP.

IUP Single Sign-on will require a minimum password length of 15 characters. However, there will no longer be a requirement to use any special characters (upper case, spaces, symbols, numbers, etc.), although these can be used if the user desires. In addition, expiration of passwords will be on an annual basis and previous passwords will no longer be permitted.

This change will enhance the university’s IT security posture while providing users a chance to create a phrase or combination of words that are easy to remember. These are often referred to as “passphrases” as opposed to passwords.

Information concerning IUP computer accounts can be found our Accounts page, and specific password tips can be found on the IT Support Center Password Practices page.