Department of Economics Well Represented at 2019 Scholars Forum

Posted on 4/29/2019 9:32:59 AM

The Department of Economics is pleased to recognize several economics majors who shared the results of their scholarly pursuits at the 2019 Scholars Forum held on Wednesday, April 3, in the Kovalchick Complex.

Scholars Forum Group - 2019

From left: James Jozefowicz, professor of economics, Garrett Haffner, Shannon Ferguson, Nicole Trojanowicz, Kaitlin Albright, Brooke Allen, Jesalyn Fada, Hailey Fisher, Megan McCunn, and Angela Mosbrucker

Department of Economics faculty members James Jozefowicz, Yaya Sissoko, and Alexi Thompson sponsored oral presentations by the following students:

  • “The Effects of Explanatory Variables on the Labor Force Participation Rate of Women in the United States between 1980 and 2010” 
    Students: Kaitlin Albright and Jesalyn Fada
    Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz
  • “Economic and Social Report on Poverty in Rwanda” 
    Student: Tara Dylewski
    Faculty Mentor: Yaya Sissoko 
  • “A Guide to Universal Well-Being”
    Students: Shannon Ferguson and Brooke Allen
    Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz
  • Ridge Williams and Yaya Sissoko

    Ridge Williams and Yaya Sissoko, professor of economics

  • “Swing Batter Batter, Swing Batter Batter, Swing: Determinants of Batting Averages from the 2017 Major League Baseball Season” 
    Students: Garrett Haffner and Brandon Lynd 
    Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz
  • “The Effect of Legal Immigration on the United States Economy Based on Gross State Product”
    Students: Megan McCunn and Hailey Fisher
    Faculty Mentor: James Jozefowicz
  • “Unemployment and Crime within the Rust Belt”
    Student: Angela Mosbrucker
    Faculty Mentor: Alexi Thompson 
  • “How Genocide Has Affected Poverty in Rwanda” 
    Student: Nicole Trojanowicz  
    Faculty Mentor: Yaya Sissoko
  • “Portfolio Management: Handling Investments and Trading Strategies” 
    Student: Ridge Williams 
    Faculty Mentor: Yaya Sissoko