Roy Receives Outstanding Research Award

Posted on 4/22/2019 7:20:51 AM

Sukanto Roy’s (CAL doctoral program) research project, “Multilingual Writers’ Preference Between Audio and Written Feedback,” was chosen to receive an IUP Graduate Student Outstanding Research Award.

Sukanto Roy (left) receives the Outstanding Research Award, presented by President Michael Driscoll

Sukanto Roy (left) receives the Outstanding Research Award, presented by IUP President Michael Driscoll

Roy’s study was conducted in relation to a gap in the research, which indicated that few researchers had examined multilingual writers’ preference between audio and written feedback, and the impact of feedback format on their revision process. He used a case study design to conduct this qualitative investigation.

The finding of his study contradicted with the finding of Bless (2017), who has found that audio feedback helped high school students to make better revisions compared to written feedback. However, this finding aligns closely with the finding of Morris and Chikwa (2016), whose study established that the type of feedback received did not impact students’ grades in the subsequent assignments. A positive correlation was discovered between their preferred form of feedback and their self-perceived English listening proficiency.

Finally, this study suggests that L2 writing instructors should adopt the system of providing a combined form of feedback of both audio and written in order to enhance multilingual writers’ overall writing skills.

Based on this study, Roy will publish an article in Journal of Second Language Writing.

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