Desoto-Jackson and Kemp Present Empathetic Communication Workshop

Posted on 4/18/2019 2:44:41 PM

On April 13, 2019, Assistant Professor Rachel DeSoto-Jackson and Professor Rick Kemp of the Department of Theater and Dance presented a three-hour-long workshop at Frostburg University.

The workshop, titled “Embodied Simulation and Empathetic Communication,” was presented to an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty, and administrators from various departments, including nursing, theater, and athletic training.

The invitation to present this proof-of-concept workshop came from Frostburg University nursing faculty who sought DeSoto-Jackson and Kemp’s expertise following their published chapter, “The Performance of Caring: Theatre, Empathetic Communication and Healthcare,” in the Routledge Companion to Theatre, Performance, and Cognitive Science (Kemp and McConachie 2018).

DeSoto-Jackson and Kemp’s research and development of an innovative integration of cognitive neuroscience with theater training has led to the creation of a tool for teaching empathetic communication to students and practitioners using the L.O.V.E.™ approach for enhancing practical skills.

The next iteration of their research, pending grant funding, will seek to develop a two-day-long interdisciplinary expanded workshop which has been invited for presentation at Robert Morris University-Research and Innovation in Simulation Education (RISE) Center in August 2019.