Discussion of Behavioral and Cognitive Impacts of MS

Posted on 4/17/2019 9:27:24 AM

Please join us for the April 19 meeting of the Behavioral Neuroscience Journal Club for a discussion of the behavioral and cognitive impacts of multiple sclerosis. The meeting takes place at noon in Uhler Hall, room 111.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, progressive neurological condition that causes loss of myelination from nerve tracks, reducing their ability to effectively conduct nerve impulses between the CNS and its targets. While most often thought of as a motor disorder, MS can afflict neural circuits throughout the nervous system.

In this presentation, Jenny Willis (Biology) will discuss research she has conducted on the behavioral and cognitive impacts of MS. She also will describe ongoing and promising research into the ability of a ketogenic diet to reduce the severity of the symptoms of MS.

The informal discussion is open to all members of the IUP community—please join us!

Questions about this journal club series? Contact Paul Nealen (Biology) at pnealen@iup.edu.

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