IUP Represented at State System’s Advocacy Days

Posted on 4/16/2019 3:11:25 PM

Each year, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education hosts an annual public policy event to connect State System leaders, students, and alumni with Pennsylvania’s General Assembly for a full day of insightful meetings in the state capitol. This year, the State System hosted Advocacy Days in Harrisburg on April 9 and 10, 2019. 

IUP Student Representatives Zeeshan Faiez Siddiequ, Caleb King, David Laughead, Denita Kelly, Abigaelle Vertil, Veta Talton

Last Wednesday, IUP joined the State System community as part of the annual State System Advocacy Days in Harrisburg.

On Tuesday, students participated in a panel discussion regarding advocacy and the State System. The panel included IUP alumnus and former House Leader David Reed, as well as several other State System alumni.

On Wednesday, students, faculty, and staff met with legislators in the capitol to discuss the importance of keeping IUP and the State System affordable and the need for continued investment in the State System.

IUP was represented by six students (three undergraduate and three graduate):

  • Zeeshan Siddique, graduate student/doctoral candidate in literature and criticism, and GSA member
  • Caleb King, senior applied mathematics and economics major, and outgoing student trustee
  • David Laughead, sophomore political science major, and current SGA president
  • Denita Kelly, graduate student/doctoral candidate in administration and leadership studies
  • Abigaelle Vertil, sophomore psychology major and incoming student trustee
  • Veta Talton, graduate student/doctoral candidate in administration and leadership studies, and current GSA secretary

The students were able to meet with nine representatives:

  • Rep. Jim Struzzi (District 62)
  • Rep. Eric Nelson (District 57)*
  • Rep. Stan Saylor (District 94)*
  • Rep. Rich Irvin (District 81)
  • Rep. Ed Gainey (District 24)
  • Rep. Timothy O’Neal (District 48)*
  • Rep. Cris Dush (District 66)
  • Rep. Joseph Petrarca (District 55)*

The students shared their unique stories regarding the positive impact IUP and the State System has had on their lives. The goal was to reinforce the importance of legislatures to keep investing in the state system of education.

*IUP Alumnus