What Were You Wearing? Exhibit- Dismantling the Myth about Clothing and Sexual Violence

Posted on 4/10/2019 10:46:11 AM

What were you wearing?Take a walk over to the HSS building to view the What Were You Wearing? Exhibit, a display dedicated to dispelling the myth surrounding what a person was wearing when sexual violence occurred.

The Haven Project and the Fashion Merchandising program have partnered together to set up the What Were You Wearing Exhibit at IUP. Survivor stories from students, faculty, staff, and the community are on display in the Humanities and Social Sciences building in the first floor lobby through Friday afternoon this week.

The What Were You Wearing Exhibit brings awareness to the issue of victim blaming and helps to dismantle the myths about sexual violence occurring due to what a person was wearing when the assault occurred.

The anonymously submitted stories are short, but very powerful. They state what the person was wearing, and a little description of what transpired before the assault. We hope that you will come out and view this emotional display.

What were you wearing? 3If you have any questions, please contact the Haven Project at 724-357-3947. For more information about the Haven Project, please visit the Haven Project website. For more information on Fashion Merchandising, please visit the Fashion Merchandising website.