Several Departments Complete Writing Plans

Posted on 4/5/2019 2:33:54 PM

In recent months, the departments of Biology, English, Foreign Languages, Journalism and Public Relations, Sociology, and Philosophy each completed their writing plans in consultation with the Writing Across the Curriculum program; those plans have been published on the WAC website and will be approved through University Senate in May 2019. The completion of the Biology writing plan marks the first completed plan for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences now has seven departments with competed plans. 

David Janetski, Biology, worked with the WAC program to develop their writing plan, which includes an ePortfolio assessment. Students begin compiling an e-portfolio early in their major and contribute writing to it from various courses across the major throughout their time at IUP. ePortfolios are a best practice in writing pedagogy, writing assessment, and other areas of higher education. These portfolios will be useful for students in college and beyond.

Other department/WAC liaisons include Chauna Craig (English), Valerie Gunter and Beth Mabry (Sociology), Marveta Ryan-Sams (Foreign Languages), Hans Pedersen (Philosophy), and Laurie Miller (Journalism and Public Relations).

CWPs are designed to make visible how writing is situated throughout a curriculum and can assist faculty in any department to create a more meaningful relationship between the content they teach and the writing they assign. They also help departments and programs define the writing skills and abilities with which students should graduate—the writing skills and abilities students will need for their first jobs in their discipline.

Eleven other departments/programs in four colleges are working on plans. For a full list of departments who have developed or are working on developing CWPs,  or for information on how to develop a CWP for your own department or program, visit the Writing Across the Curriculum website or contact Bryna Siegel Finer at