Psychology Brown Bag: Focusing on Identity and Identity Diversity

Posted on 4/5/2019 8:46:56 AM

Catherine Raeff will talk about “Using Identity to Forge Common Ground” on Wednesday, April 10, in Uhler Hall, Room 113.

Identity rules these days and discussing identity seems ubiquitous. Much good comes from focusing on identity and identity diversity because it promotes respecting varied ways of being and treating people equally.

Unfortunately however, identity is often discussed in uni-dimensional and static terms which obfuscate varied complexities of identity, such as how identity is intersectional and undergoes change.

Unidimensional and static conceptions of identity can also be divisive when identity groups are understood in terms of conflicting and competing interests.

Bucking these trends requires thinking differently about identity. Theory and research in psychology provide ways of thinking about identity as multidimensional and dynamic, which, in turn, provide a basis for forging common ground.

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