Eberly STARRs Lead Experience IUP Recruitment Events

Posted on 3/29/2019 11:10:13 AM

Capitalizing upon the value of peer-to-peer interaction, the Eberly Student Ambassadors for Recruitment and Retention are front and center for each of the Experience IUP visits of prospective business students. STARRs are responsible for facilitating year-round recruitment and retention through one-on-one relationship building at each stage of the recruitment funnel and continuing into undergraduate study.

From arrival to departure during the 75-minute Experience IUP visit to Eberly, STARRs actively engage prospective students in small group and individual interactions. The prospective student visit includes a brief overview of Eberly College, an ice-breaking session, and a student-only Q&A opportunity.

Prospective students then are divided by department interest, provided a building tour, and introduced to their department chairperson. The chairperson provides an overview of programs of study and curriculum before STARRs answer any final questions and escort students from Eberly.

IUP Experience Day - March 25, 2019“The STARRs’ efforts have had a measurable impact on new student recruitment since introduced two years ago,” states Assistant Dean Terry Appolonia. “The value of peer-to-peer engagement during the new student recruitment process and the resulting relationship building cannot be overstated.”

STARRs continue their contact with prospective students through spring emails, during summer new student registration, and at Welcome Weekend.

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