Geoscience Faculty Host Workshop to Organize PASSHE-Wide Geology Summer Field Course

Posted on 3/26/2019 11:37:42 AM

Professors Nick Deardorff, Yvonne Branan, and Jon Lewis, from the Geoscience Department at IUP,  organized a NSF-funded workshop for 25 participants from five PASSHE universities (IUP, CalU, West Chester, Kutztown, and Edinboro). The goal of the workshop was to work on plans for an inter-university geology summer field course. The workshop took place January 3–4 and included geology faculty, administrators, staff, and students. 

The overall goal of the workshop was to design an inter-university summer field course that would be open to all geoscience and earth science PASSHE students and be taught by a mix of faculty from multiple PASSHE universities. This summer field course will increase the skill set of our majors and better prepare them for post-graduate careers, particularly for graduate schools and to become licensed as professional geologists.

The workshop participants are now working on composing a proposal for the National Science Foundation to fund the summer course for the first three years. We hope to run the first inter-university field course during summer 2021.

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