Driscoll, Powell, Rothschild, and Wells Receive CCCC Research Initiative Grant

Posted on 3/19/2019 9:58:50 PM

A research team of IUP faculty, doctoral students, and alumni from the Composition and Applied Linguistics Doctoral program in the Department of English were recently awarded a research initiative grant from the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

The researchers include Dana Driscoll, associate professor of English; Roger Powell (IUP CAL alumnus, Buena Vista University); Jennifer Wells (IUP CAL alumna, New College of Florida); and Katherine Field-Rothschild (St. Mary’s College and IUP summer doctoral student).

The project, titled “Disciplinarity and Transfer Ten Years Later: A Multi-institutional Investigation into Student Perceptions of Learning to Write,” explores how diverse undergraduate students enrolled in a range of disciplines and institutions perceive first-year writing courses. The multi-institutional study will use focus groups from broad fields at these institutions to explore questions related to where students learn to write, how they transfer writing knowledge to new contexts; the role of first-year writing courses in that transfer, and the role of specific curricular practices in their perceptions of transfer.