A Message from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Posted on 3/19/2019 2:40:02 PM

This weekend is expected to bring a large number of visitors to our campus and community who may choose to take part in off-campus parties and other celebrations.

While we know that the vast majority of our students are focused on academics during the second half of the spring semester and participating in university-sponsored events and activities, we also know that some of our students—and their visitors—participate in non-university parties and gatherings of concern to the community and to law enforcement. 

We want you to enjoy your time here at IUP and in the community. But more importantly, we want you to be safe and to make decisions to abide by laws designed to keep you safe—now, and for your future. An arrest during this weekend, and a subsequent criminal record, could mean that you cannot pursue the career of your choice. 

You will see an increased amount of law enforcement presence in the community this weekend. Officers will be strictly enforcing public law violations, and officers will have very limited discretion when confronting students, their guests, or other community members who are identified as breaking federal, state, or local laws, including laws related to underage drinking; open container of alcohol; furnishing alcohol to minors; public intoxication; use and or possession of illegal drugs; driving under the influence; disorderly conduct or gatherings; harassment; vandalism or damage to property, or trespassing. If you or your guests are involved in any of this criminal behavior, you will likely be arrested when observed by law enforcement personnel.

IUP police or residence hall and other university staff also will be strictly enforcing university policy violations, including violations of Residence Hall guest policies. Any student who is arrested on-campus OR off-campus or charged or confronted by university personnel will also be adjudicated through the University Conduct System. Sanctions within the University Conduct System range from fines to required educational programming to removal from the residence halls to suspension or expulsion from the university. Information about the University Conduct System and the Code of Student Conduct is available on the IUP website.

As you make decisions this weekend, please know that a bad decision can have life-changing consequences. Take care of yourselves, and take care of one another.