Check on Your Neighbor Safety Initiative

Posted on 3/6/2019 10:24:30 AM

About 15 million people in the US live alone, including 27 percent of the 65-plus population. Oftentimes, elderly do not leave their house during the winter months, and you might not see them until the temperatures start increasing here in the next few weeks. 

A good safety initiative is to become a good neighbor to the elderly. Sometimes something as simple as a phone call or knocking on the door of an elderly neighbor or relative in the bitter cold weather we are experiencing can literally save a life. It only takes a moment to check in and see if they are doing alright. If you have not seen your neighbor out this winter, please take a few minutes out of your week to make sure they are warm and well. 

Did You Know?

Aging Services has a telephone reassurance program? A brief phone call can make a world of difference to a solitary man or woman who feels neglected or forgotten. Even more importantly, the daily phone calls allow to regularly check on the person's health and safety. If no one answers the phone, Aging Services will inform an emergency contact in locating the individual. 

This message brought to you by the Emergency Management Office.