Warnock to Represent United States on Antarctic Research Expedition

Posted on 2/8/2019 2:25:44 PM

Jonathan Warnock has been selected to represent the United States on an upcoming research expedition with the International Ocean Discovery Project.

Scientists from around the world will spend 60 days at sea collecting marine sediment cores in order to analyze Earth’s past ecology and climate. Expedition 382, “Iceberg Alley and Subantarctic Ice and Ocean Dynamics,” will investigate the history of the Antarctic Peninsula going back to the early Miocene, almost 30 million years.

The Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost, and hence most vulnerable, portion of the continent. In recent years it has seen the most rapid deglaciation of any part of Antarctica.

The key goals of the research expedition are to understand the development of ice on the peninsula, past periods of deglaciation, and the interactions of ice sheets and the Southern Ocean.

Warnock will sail as a micropaleontologist, with the primary goals of giving ages to the sediments and identifying changes to marine ecology driven by changes to ice volume and ocean circulation. 

Department of Geoscience