Sissoko Presents on Economics from the Classroom to the Newspaper

Posted on 2/4/2019 8:58:28 AM

Yaya Sissoko presented a poster titled, “Integration of Economics from the Classroom to the Newspaper” (co-authored with Brian Sloboda) at the AEA Economic Education Poster Session: in Atlanta, Georgia.

This assignment entails the writing of two short articles for a newspaper. These short writing pieces would be like Hal Varian’s Economic Scene columns which appeared monthly in the New York Times. Other newspapers often have similar pieces. Hal Varian keeps an online repository of his articles.

Some of the benefits of a creative writing assignment include: awareness, knowledge, and critical thinking about the topic; improved writing skills; enhanced analytical and/or cognitive abilities; enhanced research traits; developed ability of peer-reviewing process; and improved learning of application of real-life examples, such as the examination of the concepts from the principles of macroeconomics to evaluate the economic policy in the United States and abroad.

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