Sissoko Presents on Real-Life Economics Courses

Posted on 2/4/2019 8:57:42 AM

Yaya Sissoko presented a research paper titled, “The Development of Real-Life Economics Courses for Freshman and Sophomore Students at the Collegiate Level” (co-authored with Brian Sloboda) at the American Economic Association Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, January 4–6, 2019.


Students offer enter freshman and sophomore economics courses with the notion that the content will be dry and perhaps theoretical with little real-world relevance. That is, students want to know how the concepts of these courses fit into their lives, not as an abstraction. Therefore, students need to be presented with real life economics. That is, real life economics is oriented towards finding solutions to problems which people experience in their lives: poverty, unemployment, increasing disparities of income and wealth. To achieve the latter, this paper presents details of integrating data analysis in freshman and sophomore courses in economics.

Department of Economics