Machado and Wang Publish Mixed Methods Study of Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions

Posted on 2/4/2019 6:38:52 AM

Crystal Machado, Professional Studies in Education, and Peizhen Wang, Changshu Institute of Technology, China , coauthored a paper titled “Instructional Strategies and Motivating Factors: A Mixed Methods Study of Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions.” This paper was published by the Asia Pacific Education Review in December 2018.

Is constructivist teaching still valuable and relevant in an era where standardized testing reigns supreme? If so, how do college students, who have been subject to a considerable amount of testing, respond to constructivist pedagogy that nurtures student autonomy? This QUAN-QUAL study, conducted at a mid-sized university in the United States, describes pre-service teachers’ evaluation of a range of strategies grounded in constructivist principles, to varying degrees, and the factors that influenced their interest and willingness to participate. The researchers used SPSS to analyze survey data from 57 pre-service teachers, and Nvivo to analyze qualitative data from seven interviews, the course syllabi, and the participant researcher’s instructional narrative. This study contributes to a limited body of literature that describes how pre-service teachers respond to different types of pedagogy, the learning experiences they value, and the factors that propel them to participate in these experiences.