Theater and Dance Students Recognized at Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

Posted on 1/29/2019 8:47:39 AM

Department of Theater and Dance students Eve Urban and Lindsay Herring were recognized at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival with a Certificate of Merit for their dramaturgy work on the devised production Fabric of the Nation.

Eve Urban and Lindsay HerringThe Theater-by-the-Grove production of Fabric of the Nation, devised and directed by Theater and Dance professor Rick Kemp, was performed in the fall 2018 semester and featured the original stories of community members and the performers. The production asked the question, “what does it mean to belong?”

Students Urban and Herring, along with their advisor Theater and Dance professor Rachel DeSoto-Jackson, created an elaborate lobby display offering space for audience members to interact with the performance by sharing their own stories of belonging. Their community engagement and collaboration in the process of creating the show was acknowledged at the festival as a contribution to the area of student dramaturgy.