Read&Write Available from Disability Access and Advising

Posted on 1/24/2019 3:24:48 PM

The Department for Disability Access and Advising is pleased to announce the general availability of the literacy tool Read&Write and the development of our Read&Write web page.

Purchased with ESF funds, Read&Write can be of use to any student or faculty member with an active IUP account. We encourage students (and faculty) to explore the options offered by the program.  

Previously available only on IUP networked computers, our website explains that any active IUP student/faculty member can learn how to install and use Read&Write via their Office365 account.

For the general user, Read&Write offers text-to-speech, voice to text (dictation), and many other tools.  The website includes an IUP produced instructional video (done in partnership with the Department of Communications Media) as well as various other mass produced instructional videos.

The department would like to thank Patrick McDevitt, Student Affairs IT specialist, for his extraordinary help throughout this project.