Siegel Finer Publishes in Rhetoric of Health and Medicine

Posted on 12/14/2018 8:17:35 AM

Bryna Siegel Finer (English) participated in a dialogue published in the current issue (2018, 1.3-4) of Rhetoric of Health and Medicine along with seven other scholars in the field of RHM.

The writers draw on experiences with qualitative research involving health and medical topics to which they have a personal connection, asking RHM scholars to consider key methodological issues in embodied research by exploring: the choice to take up inquiries with which they have personal connections; the ethics of representation within these projects; and determining if, how, when, and to what degree these connections should be revealed in the research write-ups themselves. The conversation is characterized by a “heuristic orientation”— defined as intuitive, creative, and generative. They conclude by offering a heuristic tool for researchers to use as they make crucial decisions in embodied research in RHM.

Department of English