Hall, 2012 Alumnus, Created Digital Media Company

Posted on 12/12/2018 11:22:34 AM

Steve Hall, a 2012 Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate with a dual degree in Journalism and Communications Media, created his own digital media consulting company.

Steve Hall Digital offers more than just social media services. Hall will help with email campaigns, as well as website build and design. The company’s motto is, “Everything has a story ... let’s use social media to tell it.” He created this company primarily to spend more time with his wife, daughter, and dog, and because companies do not seem to be focusing on the things he believes they should.

“Empathy,” said Hall. “This brings my entire viewpoint of marketing full circle. The role of empathy is how I help clients to identify their target publics, figure out what they want and need from them, and most importantly, how the company should be telling its story.”

Hall had a hand in his former employers’ digital presence. While in those positions, he was able to realize the flaws in what the companies were trying to do digitally. He took all of those mistakes and learned from them. He chose to become a digital marketing consultant because he truly has a love for marketing. Hall recently listened to a podcast with an interview with Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and blogger who thinks about the marketing of ideas in the digital age, and he summed up how he feels.

“I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something along the lines of everything we do is marketing,” Hall explained. “From the food we eat, to the products we use, to the toys we give to children. We marketers are changing views and opinions of products because of the choices and decisions we make.”

During Hall’s time at IUP, he said he “learned a ton” and found a love and passion for marketing. He focused on mass communication in the Communications Department and on branding items and everything digital in both majors.

“The biggest thing I learned though, by far, was my ability to write,” he said. “I took my weakness in writing and worked on it. The strictness of the Journalism and Public Relations Department, primarily Randy Jesick and David Loomis, afforded me the opportunity to learn how to write and how to write properly.”