Schultz, Journalism and PR Major, Completes Two Internships

Posted on 12/10/2018 11:20:49 AM

Lilyann ShultzLilyann Schultz, a senior journalism and public relations major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, completed two internships this year—one with STATIC at IUP and one in her very own academic department.

Schultz learned about both internships from her academic advisor. She received the internship with STATIC after earning a position as the marketing committee chairperson.

During her internship with STATIC, Schultz was tasked with: creating promotion ideas; setting up and breaking down events; designing and maintaining an organizational marketing plan; conducting student research pertaining to preferences regarding programming and promotions; developing and updating organization marketing materials; managing individual event promotions; and managing general members on the promotions subcommittee.

Working in the Journalism and Public Relations Department, Schultz assisted by interviewing students and alumni and writing feature stories for the website and Facebook page.

Schultz credits the IUP Journalism and Public Relations Department with providing her skills necessary to excel in her internship.

“The Journalism Department prepared me for these internships. The projects and assignments I have done for my classes have made me feel secure in what I want to pursue in my career,” Schultz said. “The professors and my advisor have phenomenally guided me through these past few years, and I am so grateful.”

The advice she gives to other students seeking internships is to be open to all tasks given, and to keep in mind that this is a learning environment—trial and error is accepted.

After graduation, Schultz plans to focus on the public relations aspect of her degree or apply for an event-planning position.

“I want to do more than a nine to five job, though,” Schultz said. “I want to do so much and use my potential to the fullest I can. I’d like to be an event planner, director, designer, the next Fixer Upper and counselor. I’ll try my best to make it all possible.”