Cassie Putt, IUP Alumna, Experiencing Australia

Posted on 12/7/2018 11:44:07 AM

Cassie PuttTo say I’m surprised at myself for making it to Sydney is an understatement. Sometimes you have such massive dreams that they seem too far to obtain. Sometimes life blasts you with obstacles making it harder for you to reach what you want. Or sometimes, people can make you doubt your ability to thrive on your own visions. But despite undergoing a few downfalls, I made it. 

During my senior year at IUP as a Journalism and Public Relations Department major, I knew I didn’t want to get a “big girl job” right away — or ever for that matter. I loved writing and wanted to pursue and incredible career, but being at school also made me realize all the opportunities I had in front of me to explore the world.

After months of research, filling out paperwork for an entire summer and interviewing what felt like a hundred times, I landed a position as an au pair (a nanny) in Sydney, Australia. The time leading up to my flight was filled with wonder, but I didn’t want to jinx myself, so I tried not to think of it until the very last minute.

When I finally landed in the OZ, I felt an entirely new sense of what it meant to be independent. Since being here, I’ve met people from all over the world and have befriended people from countries like the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and many others. Living, working and making friends in a city that’s more than 10,000 miles away from home is a weird feeling — but also one that’s more invigorating and exciting than ever.

I’ve traveled and explored, went on countless adventures and have crossed things off my bucket list left and right. I spend a lot of my time riding solo and figuring things out on my own. I’ve spent my fair share out and about in the city on the weekends with friends and random people I meet.

I work full-time as an au pair while also maintaining a copywriting job I have in the U.S. In January and February I’ll be pursuing a few long-term trips. One up the east coast of Australia and another to Bali. Then, at the beginning of March, I’ll be with a new host family until August 2019, making it an entire year of living in a different country.

Although I’ve fallen in love with the city, the saying, “there’s no place like home,” holds true no matter where I am. With three months down and nine to go, I miss my friends, family and IUP professors, but our constant texting and facetiming sessions get me through. I’m not homesick yet, but I know it’s sure to hit me soon.

Thanks for all the love and support IUP and the Journalism and Public Relations Department!

Cassie Putt, class of '18