Educational and School Psychology Students, Faculty Examine Early Identification of Gifted Learners

Posted on 12/5/2018 3:37:37 PM

Mark McGowan, PhD, Jenna Hennessey, PhD, Morgan Dutrow, MEd, and Megan Anderson, MEd presented at the 2018 Association of School Psychologists conference held in State College, Pennsylvania, on October 24–25. Their poster presentation was titled “Utilizing Curriculum-Based Measures to Evaluate Sex Differences in Gifted and Talented Learners.”


There is emerging evidence to suggest that curriculum-based measures (CBM) may be useful to early identification of gifted learners (McGowan, Runge, & Pederson, 2016). The present study seeks to expand on these findings by exploring if a significant difference in oral reading fluency (ORF) CBMs exist between male and female gifted students. Cross-sectional data from more than 900 students in second through fourth grade who regularly participated in their district triannual universal screening were used in the present study. Significant differences in dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills ORF scores for male and female gifted students were discussed, and recommendations for using these findings for practice were offered.

Department of Educational and School Psychology