MARTI Director of Community Health and Leadership Lauber Presents Keynote on Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Posted on 11/29/2018 1:40:54 PM

On November 14, Erick Lauber, professor of Journalism and Public Relations, provided the keynote address at the Open Door’s annual meeting. His talk provided a few personal stories and focused on the current opioid crisis and efforts to reduce overdose deaths. His primary message was to thank the Open Door for their decades of service and to encourage the audience to help fight the stigma of drug and alcohol addiction.

The Open Door in Indiana has provided drug and alcohol counseling since 1972. It also runs the county’s crisis line and provides case manager and nurse navigator services to hundreds in the county.

Lauber’s address at the Open Door is directly linked to his position as director of Community Health and Leadership at the Mid-Atlantic Research and Training Institute for Community and Behavioral Health (MARTI-CBH). The institute’s mission centers around conducting research and creating education and training programs in relation to public health issues, including, but not limited to, substance use disorders, mental health issues, and domestic violence intervention. Visit the MARTI website for more information on the research and programs currently being developed.