Alumna Barefoot Makes “Solving for X” Presentation to Student Finance Association

Posted on 11/28/2018 11:32:12 AM

The IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology’s Student Finance Association hosted alumna Bethany Barefoot on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  

Bethany is a 2016 IUP graduate who works as a finance specialist at PNC Bank in Pittsburgh. In her current role her responsibilities include monitoring a business banking deposits portfolio, analyzing daily portfolio flows, communicating forecast recommendations based on year to date and historical performance to business partners, and preparing weekly and monthly financial reporting packages.  

While at IUP, she was a member of the S&T Bank Student Advisory Council, SMIP, Women’s Leadership Program, COBSAC, PGN, and IUP Chartered Financial Analyst Institute Research Challenge team, and she is featured on Eberly’s walls as a Student Gallery Winner. 

Bethany Barefoot ’16 (2nd from left) makes presentation to Student Finance Association November 6, 2018.Barefoot presented a “Solving for X” presentation. The first half of the presentation focused on developing technical skills such as analytical thinking and intellectual curiosity. The students were challenged with reading news articles about macroeconomic factors, and then matching what the article discussed to an illustration that demonstrated how those macroeconomic factors may impact the banking industry. 

The second half of the presentation focused on self-awareness. She explained that while having strong IQ skills such as analytical thinking and intellectual curiosity is important, it is only half of the equation to being your own definition of successful in life. “Solving for X” (having strong emotional intelligence) is just as important in order to be successful in your career, though it can sometimes be more difficult to solve for. She encouraged the students to do self-awareness audits to determine things such as what they are driven by and innately good at, and what makes them happy inside and outside the workplace. 

This was a very uplifting and informative presentation. Bethany brought to light that, thus far, our lives have been broken out into segments of four years. These segments consisted of times such as elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Then, after college, you are starting the next, bigger segment of your life. She hopes that her presentation aided us in preparing for this next segment of our lives.

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