Mociak ’77 Serves as Eberly Executive-in-Residence

Posted on 11/15/2018 3:15:43 PM

Charlie Mociak, a 1977 accounting graduate, originally from Clifton Heights near Philadelphia, spoke to Veronica Paz’s auditing and forensic auditing classes on November 7, 2018, as a part of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology’s Executive in Residence series.

Charlie Mociak '77 Executive-in-Residence November 7 2018 and students.Charlie made the trip to IUP for the first time since graduation and was amazed at the changes on the campus. In addition to speaking to students, Charlie had lunch with a group of accounting majors, and had a tour of both the IUP campus and the Eberly facility. Mociak recalled the Oak Grove as one of the most memorable part of the campus and was happy to see it still appeared mostly the same.

While at IUP, Charlie worked several part-time jobs, including at a Christmas tree farm and at the Hills Department Store. Both of these positions taught him the value of hard work.

After IUP, Charlie took a teaching job at Bedford High School in Pennsylvania, where he taught business courses. He taught for one semester and decided it was not for him. Charlie then moved to New Jersey and worked for a consulting firm for a couple years as an accountant.

He then decided to move to Denver in 1979 due to a booming economy in Colorado at that time. Within a week he was hired by Gulf Oil at an entry-level accounting position. Seven years after he joined Gulf Oil, Chevron acquired Gulf. Shortly afterward he was transferred to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he was an accountant and then was made an accounting supervisor. After a few years on the job he joined Chevron’s Internal Audit Department, where he spent the remainder of his career with Chevron in auditing and eventually joining the ranks of management. 

Charlie encouraged the accounting students to think big and outside the box, and to pursue a career that is engaging and interesting to them. Auditing was not Charlie’s first choice, but, for him, it became clear that it was his best choice. Mociak encouraged the students to be flexible, hone their writing and communication skills, be credible, have the ability to work independently, and to never stop learning on the job. He added that language skills would serve them well.

While working in the Audit Department for Chevron, Charlie traveled extensively for 18 years throughout the world, including a two-year assignment in Lagos, Nigeria. He spent 22 years in the San Francisco Bay Area before retiring in 2007 and moving back to Colorado.  

Kobi Eberly, a senior, enjoyed participating in the luncheon program with Charlie Mociak, saying, “It was awesome to have a chance to meet with Mr. Mociak. He affirmed that there are so many opportunities for accounting students beyond just public accounting, and stressed the importance of a strong work ethic and the importance of taking advantage of new opportunities. I really appreciate the Eberly College bringing in our alumni so that they can share their experiences since leaving IUP.”

Mociak now spends his time managing his investments and investments for several clients and family members. He has also done lots of volunteering for several nonprofit entities, where he has held positions on the boards for these entities as acting treasurer. During the summertime you will most likely find Charlie on any Colorado river, since he is a fly fishing enthusiast.