Eberly College of Business Hosts Annual COBSAC Leadership Summit

Posted on 11/15/2018 8:27:09 AM

COBSAC Leadership Summit November 8, 2018The IUP Eberly College of Business Student Advisory Council (COBSAC) held its fall 2018 Leadership Summit at last week’s meeting, November 8, 2018. COBSAC is comprised of the members from each of the 12 active student organizations within Eberly.

Associate Dean Cyndy Strittmatter spoke to the students about protocol associated with hosting employers and alumni for meetings and speaking engagements.

“Inviting speakers to campus is a great way for us to showcase our students, programs, and facilities,” said Strittmatter. “It is important that our students have the tools and guidance necessary to ensure that each guest has a great experience and leaves IUP with a positive impression.”

Strittmatter also suggested that the student organizations collaborate on some of the speakers that come to campus, so that more students can benefit from each presentation. Strittmatter talked about Business Day and obtained input from student leadership regarding ideas to improve overall student engagement and refresh the event.

COBSAC members provided several ideas for Business Day and will work with the faculty and administrators on the Spring event. Additional topics of the Leadership Summit included expanding the executive leadership team and creating a senior advisory board.

COBSAC Leadership Summit Dinner November 8, 2018Following the meeting, a leadership dinner was held at a local restaurant, the Coney, with COBSAC advisor Terry Appolonia, director of the Center for Leadership and Academic Student Success.

Valerie Berryman, junior finance major, COBSAC VP of Publicity, and PGN marketing director, appreciated the Summit. “The members enjoyed the opportunity to meet about organization and college-level activities to provide input to Eberly administration,” she said. “Events like these give us the opportunity to discuss projects, share ideas, network with faculty and staff, and motivate each other to be better student leaders.”