IUP Student Wins Writing Center National Day on Writing Facebook Contest

Posted on 11/14/2018 10:28:26 AM

The Jones White Writing Center held a Facebook contest for the National Day on Writing. For the contest, students were encouraged to share their reasons for writing, and the winner would have a piece of their writing shared on the Writing Center’s website. Asher Rehn, a freshman writing studies major, won the contest and submitted a short story he wrote titled, “The Tunnels.” The Writing Center would like to congratulate Asher and thank all the other participants who took the time to share their thoughts.


“The Tunnels”

By Asher Rehn


It is dark, and cold. The air is wet. Where am I? I don’t know. I can’t see much. I can only see a little past my hand. I can hear a lot more than I can see, which isn’t a lot. Seeing isn’t a lot I mean. I can hear a lot. I wish I couldn’t though.


It sounds like metal pipes. There is a horrible clanging sound coming from somewhere. I can’t tell where exactly. It seems like its echoing around the halls. I think I am at an intersection now. It feels like I am at one anyway. My hand isn’t touching the wall anymore. Now I am crawling on my hands and knees. There is a corner I can feel. On either side of the corner is a different hallway. The clanging sound is coming from both. I guess I’ll go down the left. 


Clang Clang Clang


Something isn’t right about that noise. There is something wrong. It almost seems like there is a whistle in the clang. It isn’t in a regular pattern, like from a machine. Something is hitting the pipes. The, clang is getting louder. Maybe I didn’t go down the right hallway. Did I go down the right? Or was it left?




I tripped over something. It almost looks like a glove. Right? Left. Left glove. It’s on a hand. A hand? Is someone else down here? I try to say something. My voice almost sounds like a gurgle. I’m so hungry. Is this guy ok? I try to ask him that. More gurgles. He isn’t moving. I pick up his hand. I can’t find a pulse. Am I doing it wrong? His hand feels different than mine. I’m so hungry.




There must be a monster somewhere in the tunnels. Where else would the noise be coming from? It isn’t natural, and I’ve never seen anyone else. I’ve never even seen anyone else. Right? Wrong, the glove man. I’ve seen the glove man. I’ve never heard anyone else. I would hear them. I can hear a lot. I can’t see a lot.




How long have I been here? In the dark I mean. And these tunnels. Why do I know they are tunnels? How many times have I gone through here? I don’t remember what happened with the glove man. I took a step away and when I tried to find him again I couldn’t do it. I have his glove. It can’t fully fit on my hand. How long have I been here?


Clang Clang


A long time. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t here. Where is here? Tunnels. No, that is what is here, not where here is. I think, right? Wrong. Why? What is happening? The tunnels are everywhere? Are they? Everywhere can’t be tunnels, right? There can’t be tunnels everywhere?




The glove doesn’t fit? Why doesn’t it? Is it a glove? Maybe it’s too small.


It’s so dark, the clanging noise won’t stop. Where is it coming from? It’s echoing everywhere? Is there an original sound? There must be a sound that’s real right? Right? Wrong. Not in the tunnels. The tunnels are cold. The tunnels are empty. Except for that noise. And the glove man. Why can’t I find the noise? It must have a source, right? The monster must be somewhere.


Clang Clang


I must be the monster.