Eberly Participates in Pennsylvania Forum on Women in Business and Finance

Posted on 11/8/2018 1:16:22 PM

Participants of the Pennsylvania Forum on Women in Business and Finance webcastOn Thursday, October 25, 2018, Eberly College students had the opportunity to participate in the Pennsylvania Forum on Women in Business and Finance webcast, sponsored by the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg. Business students from both public and private universities across the state participated in this forum, which focused on providing advice to women going into business and finance fields. 

This event featured a panel of experts moderated by Board of Governors member Jan Yeomans, a retired 3M executive. The panel included Robin Wiessmann, secretary of Banking and Securities; Patricia Husic, president and CEO of Centric Bank; and Victoria Geyfman, professor of Finance at Bloomsburg University.

The speakers participating in this event discussed national and global trends on women in business and finance, varying career paths in the industry, and the increasingly prominent importance of diversity in the workplace.

The panel members touched on several topics for students entering the workforce. Kendra Fritz, senior finance major, enjoyed the webcast. “The panel members shared that employers like to see applicants that have drive, dedication to achieve goals, and motivation to work hard. They also talked about how important it is to give back to the community, which provides the opportunity to showcase compassion, leadership, and teamwork skills.”

Pennsylvania Forum on Women in Business and Finance webcast participants Amber Yearick, a freshman management student, attended the webcast knowing that it would give her an opportunity to learn something about business outside of the classroom. “I was not fully aware that women statistically have a harder time becoming financial independent compared to the male counterparts” said Yearick. “After learning more about the gender pay gap, I believe it is very important for me to complete my college education and work with other professionals to reduce the pay gap. I also appreciated the comments made by the panel about how valuable networking and finding a mentor can be to a young woman entering the workforce.”

Representatives from S&T Bank joined Eberly students for the webcast. LaDawn Yesho, executive VP and chief audit executive, appreciated the program. “I commend IUP for offering the students the opportunity to participate in today’s program. It is beneficial to hear the wealth of knowledge and experience from women leaders in the business community firsthand. An area of focus during my career is to understand styles of communication when offering perspectives, as it is critical to others being receptive to them. Men and women communicate differently and, correspondingly, there are common stereotypes. For example, men may be brief and offer few details and may be viewed as intentionally withholding information, while women may have a tendency to offer additional details which may be viewed as not focused or too emotional. Being aware of these differences and having the ability to adapt contribute to men and women being productive and successful in the workplace.”

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