Research Institute Employees Present at SRA Conference

Posted on 11/8/2018 9:01:03 AM

Tracy Eisenhower, Ute Lowery, and Janis Nichols presented at the Society of Research Administrators International annual conference, held October 27–31, 2018.

Lowery and Nichols presented a session titled “Adventures in Budget Modification.” The session covered how to calculate budget modification at both award time and during the project. Emphasis was placed on factors to consider when a budget modification is needed, and the actual formulas used to calculate the modifications.

Eisenhower was a co-presenter with Sara Myers of the University of Nebraska Omaha and presented “Strategies for Increasing Research in a Predominantly Undergraduate Institute (PUI).” They led a discussion on best practices meant to encourage and support research activity.

Research Institute employees participate in ongoing professional development and are encouraged to share their expertise through presentations and workshops.