Lauber Presents Talk on Addiction Stigma at Elderton Towne Hall

Posted on 10/25/2018 2:14:37 PM

Erick Lauber, professor of Journalism and Public Relations and director of Community Health and Leadership at MARTI, recently gave a talk to the Armstrong-Indiana Drug Free Communities Coalition on the strength of addiction stigma locally. In the audience was a mixed group of community members, first responders from local units, and addiction recovery specialists and agencies.

The information Lauber presented had been gathered earlier from a county-wide survey and also a new survey conducted in Armstrong, Indiana, and Somerset counties. The data he presented confirmed that most people believe the opioid epidemic is a serious issue, but the comments many individuals chose to provide were shockingly negative. Many spoke out against the widespread use of Narcan, while others suggested harsher criminal punishment for those struggling with addiction.

With such responses in mind, Lauber urged his audience to take into account the results of his work, stating, “This is important to know, because part of being able to provide the help your agencies are providing is to understand what public perception surrounds addiction.”

For more information, view the full article in the Kittanning LeaderTimes.