Business Students Attend Women’s Leadership Conference

Posted on 10/24/2018 3:05:50 PM

2018 Women's Leadership Conference Eberly Participants On October 13, 2018, students from the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology attended a women’s leadership conference in Washington, DC, sponsored by A Maven’s World. The conference featured successful female business leaders, award-winning authors, university professors, life coaches, and consultants.

AMV is committed to connecting women in business and helping them to use those connections to empower their lives. Founder Anna Foster holds international conferences each year that brings together women in business and allows them to strengthen their professional network. Eberly students Brittany Armstrong, Atiyah Gardner, Anne Katchmarchi, Kaitlyn Newman, and Dominique Sgobba joined Associate Dean Cyndy Strittmatter and Maureen Bash for an all-day conference as part of the Women’s Leadership Program.

A highlight of the conference was a presentation by Monica Cost, titled “Value Identification: Journey to An Authentic Life.” Cost describes herself as a “pathfinder” with goals to help individuals, companies, and organizations generate and discover their authentic selves and core values. Cost addressed the way in which laziness and distractions can cause people to forget or ignore their core values, and then encouraged the audience to strive for what really matters in life. Anne Katchmarchi, an accounting major, enjoyed this presentation, saying, “Monica’s presentation gave us guidance on taking action for ourselves and our future career as young adults.”

2018 Women's Leadership Conference Eberly Participants Students also got the opportunity to attend a workshop titled “Build Your Own Way: Demolish Barrier and Discover Your Power,” presented by Taisha Crayton. This workshop focused on encouraging professional women to know their self-worth and understand their own individual “something” that can lead them to success. Coming from poverty herself, Crayton emphasized that professionals cannot let barriers hold them back from potential opportunities in the future because of what they experienced in the past. Brittany Armstrong, a student in Human Resources, attended this workshop and obtained important advice from Crayton. “Listening first-hand to women who have conquered so many obstacles and yet have succeeded in the business world was very beneficial.”

Several other workshops were held throughout the day, including “Empowered by Action: It’s Your Year,” presented by Lolita Walker, and “Creating the Narrative of One’s Life,” presented by Elam Walker. Both workshops focused on empowering the individual based on defining goals and making an effort to achieve them. Atiyah Gardner, another accounting student, described her experience by saying, “Lolita had us repeat empowering phrases after her, and each time we spoke I could feel the energy levels increase in the room. When I say things out loud and write them down I feel more empowered to accomplish them.”

Dominique Sgobba had a similar experience in Elam Walker’s workshop on journaling: “Elam had each of us write down three goals we wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. I was inspired by this activity because not only did I get to visualize my own aspirations for the future, but I got to experience the goals of the successful businesswomen around me.”

Areva Martin, who graduated top in her class from Harvard, was the luncheon keynote speaker. When a client of hers made national news, it was there that she discovered she had a talent for speaking on camera. Martin offered several pieces of advice for the audience, but mainly encouraged everyone to get out of their comfort zone in a career. Her latest novel, Make It Rain, focuses on tips to taking advantage of media appearance opportunities and developing a business and personal brand. Kaitlyn Newman, a marketing student, expressed her enthusiasm for this presentation: “Areva’s advice on her career and life was invaluable to me and the other students on the trip. We learned to better ourselves in areas of passion and to break the mold we often find ourselves falling into.”

Associate Dean Strittmatter oversees the Women’s Leadership Program in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. “It is truly a highlight for me to be able to expose our female students to the issues that women face in the business world and to provide them with tools to respond to challenges and to take advantage of different opportunities,” said Strittmatter. “This conference will surely have an impact on these students while they are here and long after they leave IUP.”