McLaughlin and Graduate Students Present at Advancing School Mental Health Conference

Posted on 10/15/2018 12:08:31 PM

Courtney McLaughlin and Indiana University of Pennsylvania Educational and School Psychology graduate students presented at the 2018 annual conference on Advancing School Mental Health in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 11 to 13 at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa. This conference was hosted by the National Center for School Mental Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The conference includes over 200 session, keynotes, specialty topics, symposia, advanced practices skills and intensive trainings, poster sessions, and networking opportunities. The goal of the conference is to help attendees identify strategies for effectively implementing a full continuum of integrated school mental health approaches to support students’ academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes, identify evidence-based practices and programs in school mental health, and identify action steps to meaningfully partner with youth and families in school mental health.

The following are descriptions of the sessions presented by McLaughlin and the graduate students:

Using Social Media to Assess Mental Health

McLaughlin presented on mental health intervention and treatment at the Tier 3 level. Her session discussed how social networking sites (SNS) are used to gather, share, and create content. She discussed how they have the capacity to be a valuable tool to inform practice, even though the field of mental health has yet to utilize this data to inform practice. The content presented will help attendees understand to what capacity observation of SNS can help to assess mental health and possibly implement treatment.

Screenagers: Empowering Parents of Adolescents on Social Media

McLaughlin and Dana Elmquist, MEd, discussed the screening of the documentary Screenagers, an award-winning documentary featured on the Dr. Oz Show, PBS Newshour, Today, Good Morning America, Education Week, and the New York Times. The documentary is about adolescents spending time online, specifically social media. Research that was conducted during the screening and current literature on adolescent social media use and the role and influence of the parents will be emphasized.

Social Media Use in Adolescence: Links to Psychological Well-being Track: School Climate, Social Emotional Learning, and Mental Health Promotion

This presentation by McLaughlin and Adrienne Bardo, MEd, highlighted the current body of research regarding social media use and psychological well-being, specifically in adolescents. Social media continues to be the primary platform for engagement and communication for young people, and it is crucial to understand how it might impact mental health, how those with mental health issues might engage differently online, and how mental health professionals and educators can promote healthy and safe Internet usage.

#NoFilter: Social Media Interview for Adolescents

This poster session was presented by Elmquist, McLaughlin, and Chelshea Thompson, MEd.

Examining Incredible Years Parenting Program to Support Children’s Mental Health

This poster session was presented by Thompson and McLaughlin.