IUP Community Music School Student Video Goes Viral

Posted on 10/12/2018 2:42:23 PM

IUP Community Music School logoA practice audition video for IUP Community Music School student Adrian Escalona was posted to Facebook and, within less than a week, went mega-viral with 2 million views.

Taken by Adrian's mother Irishmae during a voice lesson with his teacher in the IUP Community Music School, and Crimson Youth Choir director, Kye-Won Kopko (seen below), the video was initially posted by Irishmae to her own Facebook on Friday, September 28, and shared the same day to the IUPCMS Facebook page. By the next day—and in less than 24 hours—it had over 600,000 views. A week later it had nearly 2 million views. And, as of this news post submission? More than 2.6 million views!

IUP Crimson Youth Choir director, Kye-Won KopkoWhen a post goes viral like this, there’s a very good reason, so if you haven’t seen it, you really need to give it a listen. Listen to Adrian’s audition on Facebook. If the link doesn't work, simply visit either the Lively Arts or IUP Community Music School on Facebook, as it’s posted to both pages.

Adrian is a student in the Blairsville School District and is an extremely talented young man with a very bright future. Don’t miss listening to this video!

For more information on the IUP Community Music School, visit the Community Music School website, email community-music@iup.edu, or call the Lively Arts at 724-357-2787.