Lipinski Joins Celebration of Dasara Festival in India

Posted on 10/10/2018 3:09:22 PM

PES-IUP - GroupWhile teaching at partnering university PES in Bangalore, India, John Lipinski, IUP MBA Program coordinator and Eberly College of Business and Information Technology professor, was invited to celebrate the start of the Dasara festival (also known as Navaratri) with our Indian MBA students.

Dasara, which is celebrated over nine nights, is a Hindu holiday celebrated each autumn. A time when Indians celebrate and get together with family, Dasara is the traditional start of the holiday season and begins the preparation for one of India’s biggest holidays, Diwali, the celebration of lights.

PES-IUP SarisDasara is a harvest festival which celebrates the victory of good, the Hindu god Rama, over evil, the demon king Ravana. In the nearby city of Mysore it is celebrated with a famous religious procession of elephants.

The students celebrated the day by wearing their traditional dress representing their personal heritage and shared a celebratory lunch.

Lipinski commented that it was wonderful being invited to celebrate with our students, and it is a phenomenal opportunity to share special cultural moments with our students. He further stated that one of the amazing parts of IUP’s international programs is the opportunity for our professors to learn in depth about other cultures and bring that knowledge back to the home campus. Further, it is an incredible opportunity for our American students to work with our Indian students when they come to study at our main campus.

PES-IUP - ShrineSince 2005, IUP has partnered with PES University in Bangalore. Each year, approximately 80 Indian students earn their MBA with IUP.  Most also travel to the United States to study in Indiana, Pennsylvania, for an additional semester to earn a specialty concentration. Such deep global partnerships are just one thing that sets IUP apart from other universities.