Alshreif Presents Invited Talk on Tutoring Multilingual Writers

Posted on 10/2/2018 9:08:44 AM

Nouf Alshreif (English temporary faculty and PhD candidate in Composition and Applied Linguistics) was invited to talk with tutors at Nevada State College on September 28, 2018. Alshreif responded to tutors’ questions about her publication, “Multilingual Writers in the Writing Center: Invitational Rhetoric and Politeness Strategies to Accommodate the Needs of Multilingual Writer.”

Alshreif presented an overview of using specific tutoring strategies to accommodate the emotional needs of multilingual writers. She explained her argument that writing is emotional for multilingual writers. She also discussed the fundamental issue that her article introduces: “What are tutoring strategies that help writing centers’ tutors decrease assimilation and increase sensitivity to emotions and individuality while tutoring multilingual writers?”

Alshreif answered questioned raised by tutors, including how to empower multilingual writers and strengthen their voices. Alshreif shared her personal experiences as a writing tutor at the Kathleen Jones White Writing Center. In addition, she explained that her future work involves more empirical work investigating the issue of emotions in the context of writing centers.

Department of English