Funding for Scanning Electron Microscope Received from National Science Foundation

Posted on 9/27/2018 12:21:53 PM

Nick Deardorff (Geoscience Dept), along with colleagues from the departments of Anthropology (Homsey-Messer), Biology (Morschhauser), Geoscience (Warnock, Lewis, Hovan), Chemistry (Lake), and History (Moore) and from and Slippery Rock University (Zieg), have received $425,829 from the National Science Foundation to purchase a Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy capabilities (Award #1827176). 

The deans of the IUP College of Graduate Studies and Research and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics have also generously offered to assist in purchasing an Electron Backscatter Diffraction detector and other ancillary equipment to include with the SEM.

This entire instrument suite will be a multi-disciplinary tool that will significantly impact the quality of scientific research regionally. With the ability to image objects at nanometer to millimeter scale, SEM-EDS is the standard tool for scientific research of microscopic features and will significantly enhance the abilities of IUP researchers, while providing a high-quality analytical instrument with which to teach our students.