Egyptian Papyrus in IUP Special Collections

Posted on 9/25/2018 8:53:44 AM

A fragment of Egyptian papyrus, which is in the IUP Special Collections and University Archives, was identified by University of Chicago Egyptology Professor Brian Muhs. The fragment is part of a collection given to the IUP Libraries during the tenure of William Lafranchi, who served as library director from 1953 to 1985.

The fragment of Egyptian papyrus contains portions of three spells from the Book of the Dead, written for “the overseer of works of Amun, Amenemhat, justified, whom Amenmose made.” The hieroglyphs date from the early New Kingdom (circa 1550–1069 BCE), almost 3,500 years ago. According to research, Amenemhat was overseer of works for the god Amun.

For more information, visit the IUP Special Collections and University Archives website.