Bizzaro to Serve On CCCC Executive Committee

Posted on 8/29/2018 8:04:21 AM

Resa Crane Bizzaro (English) has been elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Conference on College Composition and Communication. This body governs and oversees the business of the international organization. Committee members are expected to attend two meetings each year and two retreats to manage their responsibilities.

Overview of CCCC

The Conference on College Composition and Communication is committed to supporting the agency, power, and potential of diverse communicators inside and outside of postsecondary classrooms. CCCC advocates for broad and evolving definitions of literacy, communication, rhetoric, and writing (including multimodal discourse, digital communication, and diverse language practices) that emphasize the value of these activities to empower individuals and communities. CCCC promotes intellectual and pedagogical freedom and ethical scholarship and communication.

To this end, CCCC and its members

  1. sponsor and conduct research that produces knowledge about language, literacy, communication, rhetoric, and the teaching, assessment, and technologies of writing;
  2. create collaborative spaces (such as conferences, publications, and online spaces) that enable the production and exchange of research, knowledge, and pedagogical practices;
  3. develop evidence- and practice-based resources for those invested in language, literacy, communication, rhetoric, and writing at the postsecondary level; and
  4. advocate for students, teachers, programs, and policies that support ethical and effective teaching and learning.

Department of English