Geoscience Students Conduct Field Studies in the Central Range of Taiwan

Posted on 7/27/2018 10:30:10 AM

IUP geoscience students Lindsey Aman, Ross Bolesta, and Lauren Donati worked with Jon Lewis and a team of scientists to collect data and samples from along streams that drain the eastern slope of the Central Range in Taiwan.

Luckily, Typhoon Maria veered north of their study area in the Central Range while the students were there, July 7-22, allowing them to continue their field study. Lewis and his collaborator Tim Byrne (UConn) have a three-year National Science Foundation grant to understand how the Central Range, some of the fastest rising mountains in the world, are making their vertical journey.

2018_TaiwanFieldWorkThe full research team was made up of scientists from many institutions including IUP, the University of Connecticut, and Taiwanese institutions including Academia Sinica, National Taiwan Normal University, National Central University, and National Dung Hwa University.

The IUP geoscience students and Lewis were joined by Byrne and his graduate student, Michael Chojnacki. The US group worked with a team of students from Taiwan, including three undergraduates and three graduate students.

Also joining the team were Jian-Cheng Lee of Academia Sinica, En-Chao Yeh of National Taiwan Normal University, and Gong-Ruei Ho of National Central University. Chin-Ho Tsai of National Dung Hwa University provided essential support by loaning the team his field drill, allowing sampling of fine-scale structures preserved in rock that would otherwise be nearly impossible to collect.

Professor Tsai also provided preliminary chemical analyses and textural analyses with his scanning electron microscope. Three of his graduate students also participated in some of the field work. The findings from this inaugural field season are very encouraging, and the IUP students plan to prepare an abstract for possible presentation at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Washington, DC.