Communications Media to Offer Ph.D.

Posted on 4/14/2008 4:08:47 PM

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has approved a new doctoral degree program at IUP.

The IUP Communications Media Department will offer a Ph.D. in Communications Media and Instructional Technology beginning in fall 2008 or 2009.

Communications Media is part of the College of Education and Educational Technology. The department currently offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the major.

“The program will stress rigorous academics so that graduates of this program are sought out by other universities looking for communications faculty and business and industry searching for leaders in the communications field,” explained Dr. Mary Ann Rafoth, dean of the College of Education and Educational Technology. “It will expand partnerships by adding a new level of professional to the department’s successful relationships with media companies and outlets and enable the department to pursue institutional advancement opportunities through grants only available to programs with a doctoral mission and doctoral students."

The development of the program followed a comprehensive marketing study in which both individuals and businesses indicated a significant need for doctoral programs in the communications media field.

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