Eberly Students Discover Norway

Posted on 7/19/2018 10:56:08 AM

Discover Norway Participants on TourTen students from the Eberly College participated in a faculty-led study-abroad trip labeled “Discover Norway” between May 26 and June 4, 2018. Students traveled to Oslo, Bergen, and spent most of the time in Haugesund, the location of IUP’s partner institution, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. “Discover Norway” was fashioned after Eberly’s annual “Discover India” trip, which has completed 10 years.

Students visited the recently privatized national rail and road transportation company, NSB in Oslo. In Haugesund, they toured companies that belong to both the new economy (DuPont FMC Polymer’s use of renewable seaweed to produce alginate that has numerous applications) and the old economy (Statoil and its subsea pipe repair system). They interacted with executives from these and other companies in addition to attending seminars in topics such as the future of the Norwegian sovereign fund, Scandinavian business/corporate culture, education system in Norway, and history of ancient Vikings as well as modern Norway.

Students were treated to traditional dinners in the homes of Norwegian faculty. They also experienced the pristine natural beauty of Western Norway, culminating with an arduous hike to the spectacular Pulpit Rock overlooking the fjords.

Discover Norway 2018 Participants - Company VisitPrashanth Bharadwaj, dean’s associate, has been working with Western Norway University since 2014. Bharadwaj co-wrote a proposal with colleagues in Norway in 2016 and obtained funding for 10 IUP students to travel to Norway on three annual trips in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The selection process to pick the 10 students started with over 200 applicants; the 10 finalists were picked based on academic performance, faculty recommendations, resume, and a five-page essay about Norway.

The grant also funds: a) five Norwegian students to travel on the Discover India trips during winter and b) five more students to travel to IUP for the summer Global Academy in Business Leadership for three consecutive years.

Bharadwaj said, “We have had educational trips from Eberly to different parts of Asia and Europe in the past, but this was the first one to Norway, and the students had an excellent opportunity to experience and learn from professors and industry professionals of one of the wealthiest, happiest, and most pristine countries in the world!”

Here are some quotes from students who were on the trip.

Discover Norway Participants - Company Visit

If I had to summarize my experience in three words, they would be magnificent, unreal, and grateful!

—Michael Hoare

I learned so much about their country and their culture, as well as myself; it is something I will never forget.

—Olivia Oravec

I got to go to Norway and experience things people who were just going there on a normal vacation wouldn’t have!

—Lauren Swanson

I had a wonderful experience, and recommend future students to consider this annual event.

—Robert Schwartz

Students interested in the 2019 Discover Norway trip can contact Professor Bharadwaj (pnb@iup.edu) or wait for the announcement in the fall.

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